6 Vital Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency – Are You Ignoring them ?

Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient that has powerful effects on the body. But despite its importance, many people just don’t seem to get the required daily dose. In fact, over 40% of American adults, as well as approximately 1 billion people worldwide, are vitamin D deficient!

If you don’t know, a few foods contain vitamin D; and most of it is actually produced in your skin in response to UV rays from the sun – which is why it’s sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin”.

4Insomnia/Sleeping Disorders

Vitamin D also plays a role in getting good sleep during night times. The precise relationship between sleep and vitamin D is not yet certain, but research seems to associate the quality of your sleep with vitamin D levels.

This association may have something to do with the vitamin D receptors in the brain that control sleep.  Receptors that receive insufficient amounts, work less efficiently than they should. And this can lead to poor sleep quality.