6 Vital Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency – Are You Ignoring them ?

Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient that has powerful effects on the body. But despite its importance, many people just don’t seem to get the required daily dose. In fact, over 40% of American adults, as well as approximately 1 billion people worldwide, are vitamin D deficient!

If you don’t know, a few foods contain vitamin D; and most of it is actually produced in your skin in response to UV rays from the sun – which is why it’s sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin”.

5Loss of Hair

Hair follicle growth is stimulated by vitamin D. When they are healthy, hair follicles maintain hair volume. It is, of course, natural to lose hair as you get older.  But people can also suffer from hair loss due to a deficiency in vitamin D.

This is especially true for women. Research also suggests a connection between low vitamin D levels and Alopecia – which is an autoimmune disease that results in bald patches.